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The Science of Awakening our Consciousness

There are a lot of things in this world that we don’t have any knowledge about. Occurrences that we can’t explain or ones that we don’t have the proper amount of knowledge in. Being able to make ourselves a lot more aware is essential especially if we are in the path of self development and enlightenment. A lot of us may thing that having a spiritual awakening is not real or it does not have any basis. We should know that there are practices that are science based and it can help us have a much better understanding of the world that we are living in. These practices are able to use science as a base to assist us with the learning that we are interested in. It is something that advances the science in a lot of advanced fields of knowledge like quantum physics. There are a lot of geniuses and brilliant minds in our history that have dwelled upon their spiritual awakening as they understand that it is something that we need in order for us to be able to accept more truths and question everything that is happening around us. It is said that when the day comes where science would start studying on non-physical phenomena, it would then be able to make a lot more progress in a decade than in several centuries of its existence. We should give thought on the beliefs of other cultures and even of certain religions as they may be some truths in their spiritual awakening.

There are guides and other sources that we are able to find online regarding what spiritual awakening is really all about. There are also organizations or groups of people that have a discussion about these things and it would be great if we can also be a part of it. We should know that there are a lot of limitations with the use of our brain as most people would not even be able to tap 10% of its capacity. Expanding our learning or our consciousness would enable us to activate a much more greater portion of our brain. It is something that can provide us with knowledge that would be far from our time and that is why there are now a lot of people that are investing a lot of their effort into these kinds of things. There are different kinds of phenomena that science is trying to understand like energy healing, near death experiences, out of body experience, reincarnation and a lot more. All of these things can not easily be explained by science but we should also know that there are still some basis on why they are believed by a lot of people. There are books and experts that can offer us with a lot of knowledge regarding the science of awakening or on the consciousness of a person and it would be great if we can get an access to all of the knowledge that they are able to offer.

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