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Being a student, especially if you’re in college, doesn’t only mean you are all focused on studying. Once you get into college, you don’t just focus on learning but also on your daily life. Yes, you might have a school campus that offers dorms inside the school premises but there will come a time that you will have to leave to let the freshmen occupy your space and find a place in the outskirts.

When looking for a dorm, you should consider different factors. First, you need to look for a location that is safe. You don’t want to be doing your projects late at night and not be able to go home because it is not safe to do so. How do you know if the place is safe? If it has street lights. This is important to keep the area lit at night. Second, you need to check if you have neighbors. More neighbors means more people who can respond to you immediately if you get in trouble. Next, the place should be near shops. This means that more people come and go. It doesn’t necessarily mean safety but you know that the place has more eyes when danger strikes. If possible, a place where the police precinct is near or a guard house. Of course, the nearer it is to your campus, the better it will be. You can just walk back and forth. It will save you a lot of money for transportation. You can also do it as a form of exercise.

Another factor that you need to consider is actually the house itself. Can it accommodate more people? This is one of the best factors to consider because you can save more if the house accommodates more. You can stay with your friends and share the expenses. You can even cook together to save from your daily expenses. Also, by having your own place to stay, you also have privacy and you can put things that aren’t allowed during your stay in the dorm.

Next is the amenities and facilities. If it is a brand new house, you are one lucky student! Imagine being able to live in a new home away from your home and enjoy the kitchen, rooms, living rooms, and bathrooms by sharing it to only a few and not just a few, they’re your friends, too. You will never experience this if you are in a dorm. The place is also spacious and you even get to have a parking space. If you want to celebrate occasions, you can do so. You don’t need to go out just to enjoy your special event. It is even safer and you can invite your family when there is an opportunity.

To be able to study well, you need to find a place where you can rest and even do your assignments. If you are able to find the best place to stay just near your school that is literally a home away from home, then you are one of the luckiest.

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